May 2024 Release Notes

Janelle CarterRelease Notes

In the fast-paced world of talent acquisition and recruitment, having access to the right HR tech tools is crucial. Once again, our team has been diligently enhancing our ATS and recruitment CRM platform to provide you with a seamless and productive journey.

This month’s updates promise streamlined workflows, clarified permissions, and fresh features that will simplify and enhance your recruitment tasks. Dive in to explore the updates in our latest product rollout.


:Engage Revamped

AVAILABLE NOW – Build and Strengthen Your Talent Pipeline with :Engage

We’re excited to unveil the new and improved Scout Talent :Engage- your all-in-one recruitment marketing and talent pooling solution, powered by AI, :Engage is designed to improve the way you find and hire top-quality candidates. With :Engage you can:

  • Quickly find skilled candidates in your talent pool
  • Engage your talent pool with emails sent directly from the platform
  • Strengthen Talent Engagement & Employer Branding
  • Decrease Your Cost & Time to Hire.

Unlock the power of :Engage today. Watch the launch video and then request a free demo to see how you can reach further and hire smarter with AI-powered :Engage.:Engage Revamped


Updated Feature Release - Calendar & Events Updated Feature Release – Calendar & Events

Boost your recruitment efficiency with the latest updates to the Calendar & Events scheduling functions in :Recruit. Easily accessible via the tab titled ‘Events (Beta)’.

These upgrades offer Recruiters and Talent Acquisition professionals an intuitive user experience and make it easier for you to communicate, book, and manage candidate interviews. Try out the new features today!

Access Now: Explore the New Platform!

Discover the latest updates by navigating to the ‘Events (Beta)’ tab within your platform. Visit our website for detailed information and to watch the demo video.



Quality of Life Improvements

Quality of Life Improvements

Improving our platform’s usability and making it even easier to use. We’re thrilled to introduce a series of Quality of Life Improvements to :Recruit, to refine your user experience and maximising the platform’s potential.

Recruitment Process Efficiency Updates

Candidate Scheduling Made Easy: Introducing Interview Request Response Options

When candidates receive your ‘Invite to Time Slot’ email within the calendar and events functionality, candidates now have the option to decline the invitation within the email.

Additionally, you can include extra response options for candidates to choose from. If none of the suggested time slots work for them, they can indicate they are unable to attend and select a reason from a predefined drop-down list. These reasons, customizable by you, can include options like “None of the time slots suit me,” “No longer interested,” “Not Interested but keep me in your talent pool,” etc. Their response will automatically update their application status and log the reason in the activity field. This improves candidate status management, enhancing efficiency and communication in recruitment. For more details and to customize this feature on your account, please contact us at here or contact your Sales Account Executive (SAE).

Job Question Cloning
You can now replicate screening questions when creating new job listings. By cloning questions for use across multiple job ads, recruiters can save time, and ensure consistency and accuracy across job postings.

Enhanced Application Summary Generation

felix-miniWe’ve implemented updates to enhance the candidate summary feature within AI Screen, ensuring it prioritizes relevant career information and adopts a neutral tone when highlighting key points from submitted resumes.

If you don’t currently use AI Screen, click here to learn how it can reduce the time you spend screening candidates by 80%.

Candidate Ratings Activity Logging
In the Job > Application > Activities section, we now track historical ratings and display multiple ratings from various interviewers, providing a comprehensive feedback overview. The latest rating overwrites the previous one, but recruiters can still view the old rating in the activity feed.

Candidate Ratings Activity Logging

Data Security & Compliance Updates

Optional Feature – Password Expiry Date

We’ve added the option to set password expiration dates at the entity level and enhanced password combinations for stronger security. Administrators can now enforce password lifetimes, prompting users to change passwords regularly. This strengthens data security, protects sensitive information, and reduces the risk of unauthorized access. To enable this feature on your account, please contact us , or contact your Sales Account Executive (SAE). 

Communication and User Experience Advancements

Improved Email Template Dropdown

We redesigned the email template dropdown menu to display only the templates relevant to your current action, such as when inviting a candidate for an interview – only templates relevant to this action will be displayed. This saves time by showing you only the necessary templates while keeping placeholder templates out of sight but still within your system.

Asset Management Improvements

Asset Upload Handling Improvement

Candidates & Recruiters will now be notified if they attempt to add files larger than 50MB to the platform.  File size limit warnings will improve the experience and reduce the risk of upload failures.

Dashboard Management Enhancements

Dashboard Event Management 

You can now edit and delete events in the dashboard without having to drill down into the event. This update will increase your efficiency and save you time and effort.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes

Continuous improvement of the platform’s performance and reliability.

A summary of recent bug fixes that have now been resolved:

  • Email Fixes:
    • Fixed the issue where existing recruiters were receiving activation emails
    • Resolved the issue that was blocking recruiters from trashing unneeded email templates.
  • Job Ad Creation:
    • Corrected system functionality so that job ads clone as expected when recruiters use the cloning feature.
  • Calendars & Events:
    • Implemented an additional security layer to prevent attendees from viewing other attendees in invitation files.
  • Delete Job Request:
    • Addressed the issue where requests to delete a job from the entity page were not always working.
  • Approvals Link Fix:
    • Rectified the issue where approvers in Public Links were not available when a Default Approver was mandatory in the Approval Template
  • Job Views:
    • Can now remove pinned users from a job when ‘pin job’ has been disabled
  • Column Views Fixes:
    • Fixed the issue where columns were mismatched when Candidate tags were enabled.
    • To reduce confusion, the application rating report column has been renamed to “current user” to accurately reflect its purpose.


Get ready for another platform refresh! We’re introducing a fresh new look and improved user experience in your Candidates feature. The updated functionality includes improved search and filtering capabilities, as well as the ability to add permanent records and notes to your candidates. It’s all about making your recruitment process smoother and more efficient.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks! In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of the fantastic new look:

These updates are designed to improve your overall experience, and bolster your efforts in sourcing and attracting top-tier talent for your organization, and we’re thrilled to unveil them to you. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for additional updates. Your journey to recruitment excellence is about to get even more exciting.

We continuously enhance our platform based on your valuable feedback. We appreciate your input, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at with any suggestions or ideas. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to shape the future of our product.

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy recruiting!