Combine a customizable learning management system with specialist support

What will you achieve from :Learning?

Access the world’s largest learning library

  • Learn from 85,000+ courses.
  • High-quality content from over 235 providers.

Upload and share documents

  • Easily upload and share your own policies, documents, videos.

Deliver tailored training and onboarding

  • Create your own customized online courses for better learner engagement.
  • Blend off-the-shelf content with internal learning resources to build courses quickly while ensuring they are engaging and tailored to your organization.

Be compatible with third party resources

  • Compatible resource types include SCORM, xAPI, PDF, Audio, Video, MS Office files and many more.

Track and report on your team's learning

  • Manage and track employee progress on courses.
  • Our easy to use and dynamic reporting tool allows you to share insights with stakeholders in minutes.

Work with tools you already use

  • :Learning easily integrates with a range of HR and Communication Softwares, including Microsoft Teams, Slack and Workplace.

An all-in-one learning management system to upskill your team

:Learning is backed by Specialist support

Specialist support when you need it

Our Scout Learning Services Specialists are your dedicated partners in bringing your in-house training strategies to life online. They can assist with:

  • Implementation;
  • Finding opportunities to maximize your use of the content marketplace;
  • Learning engagement consultations.

Customised content services

With Scout Learning, you can digitize your learning materials into interactive and engaging courses. Collaborate with our specialists to translate your vision into a consumable learning reality. 

Get more out of your learning subscription

You will not only gain access to our extensive content marketplace, but also a holistic learning solution and industry insights through webinars and training resources.

Happy with your current LMS? Our content library can integrate with a range of systems

How can :Recruit help you?

Do more

A lack of time, money or staff can have you cutting corners. With :Recruit, you maximise your recruitment capabilities and streamline the process.

Do it better

If your current talent acquisition strategy isn’t reaching enough candidates, let alone the right fit, :Recruit is the perfect solution to expand your audience and build your talent pool.

Do it for less

Unlike hiring through traditional recruiters, :Recruit empowers your team to make multiple hires efficiently and affordably.

Not sure if Scout Learning is right for your organization?

Client Feedback


It is straightforward to set up and use. The support team is quick to respond to any inquiries and offers help through multiple people/functions. Compared to other ATS I’ve used, it is the easiest system to use, and all the hiring managers have said so.

Shannon S
HR Manager


I have been using :Recruit for many years and find it very efficient and easy to use. The customer service and support team are very responsive and helpful if there are any issues and it is great to have everything in one place.

User in Staffing and Recruiting


The layout and the dashboard are straightforward to use. The way you can monitor the progression of the recruitment and the process.

User in Facilities Services

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