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Find Candidates Fast

The AI-powered candidate search engine helps you quickly find candidates in your talent pool who have the skills and experience you need.

Decrease Cost & Time to Hire

Save money and time on hiring top-quality talent by using talent pools to access potential candidates quickly.

Improve Your Talent Engagement & Employer Branding

Send branded emails to target candidate pools for new roles and keep passive candidates interested in your company. Use email analytics to improve your outreach efforts.

Secure Top Talent with Email Marketing

Find & connect with top talent in your pools with AI-driven search. Use integrated email to maintain relationships with candidates who already know and trust your organization.

:Engage software

:Engage. Smarter with AI

AI Powered recruitment technology that finds candidates in seconds.

Say goodbye 👋 to the hassles of manual talent pool creation using boolean search methods. As recruiters, we’re all too familiar with the time-consuming process and the potential for human error. But with AI search, those challenges are a thing of the past.


Embedded within your :Engage platform, AI Search streamlines complex search tasks, simplifying talent pooling and bolstering employer branding initiatives.


AI Search elevates search precision, enabling rapid candidate discovery within your talent pool across various roles. This streamlines the process of finding, sourcing, and communicating with candidates, all while ensuring top talent remains engaged.


Discover the next generation of recruitment with :Engage, featuring AI Search.

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Our specialists are ready to help when you need an extra set of hands with:

  • Branded email templates
  • Content creation
  • Reporting

Access to a library of training resources

You’ll gain access to our on-demand training library with useful information to help you get the most out of :Engage.

Exclusive industry insights and trends

Receive news, industry insights, and special promotions to help you stay ahead of the game.

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Key features of :Engage

Use AI Powered Search

Find matching candidates with AI-powered search, which automatically suggests search criteria for exact or similar job titles.

When you search using exact or similar job titles, AI helps by suggesting and auto-populating similar keyword to refine or expand your search, offering you better results.

Find Suitable Candidates Fast

Enhanced filtering options, including geographical location and by search radius, allows for a more focused candidate search, getting you the result you want much faster – a more tailored, specific talent pool.

Automated Talent Pooling

Segment candidates within your talent pool based on skills, experience, and qualifications. Use these targeted Candidate Pools as your talent pipelines for specific roles or departments. Quickly tap into and engage with an existing pool of candidates as soon as job openings arise.

Use Email to Capture Top Talent

Use branded emails to target candidate pools for new roles, and keep passive candidates interested in your company. Easily communicate with individual candidates or send bulk emails directly from the candidate search pool results.

Email Engagement Analytics & Insights

Track email open rates, click-through rates, and response rates to understand how candidates engage with your emails. Easily accessible in your new, user-friendly dashboard, these insights will help you improve your recruitment efforts.

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