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“Our candidates were continuously looked after, and when it came to choosing which candidates to bring in to meet, it was so easy to narrow down the best by viewing their video interviews.”

Adrianna Bakker- SmartSimple Software

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Helping you select the very best from your talent pool!

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Step 1


Our Talent Engagement Specialists will use your selection criteria to rate and rank your candidates in our applicant tracking system. Each candidate will be assigned a percentage rating based on their answers to the online screening questions and their resume. Our Specialists review applicants regularly to ensure swift assessment of their suitability and turnaround to the next step of the process. You will have full access to the entire candidate pool and the ratings assigned to each candidate, allowing you to view only those that are the closest match to your criteria.

Top rated candidates will be invited forward to complete a video interview with our Shortlisting and Selection Specialist. Our Specialist will behaviourally interview your candidate, drilling into key competencies and gaining an understanding of their skills, experience, communication and fit for your organization. These interviews are recorded for your benefit, and will be shared with you to watch at your convenience, allowing you to see and hear your candidates before you decide to meet with them.

Screening Candidates
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Step 2


Our Talent Engagement Specialist will shortlist the top candidates for your review. You will be presented with a link to their application, resume, recorded video interview and recommendations, for you to evaluate and share will all relevant hiring managers. This will allow you to make an informed decision as to who you would like to bring forward for face to face interview with your team.

Once you have decided who from the shortlist you would like to meet, our Specialists will arrange these interviews on your behalf, supplying you with your interview schedule. All your candidates will be sent confirmations, detailing the location, time, who they will be meeting with and any other details they need to know for the interview.

Shortlisting Top Talents
  1. Video interviews

  2. Behavioural and skills testing

  3. Background and reference checks

  4. Group information and interview days

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Step 3


Behavioural testing will be conducted on all candidates you decide to meet with. Our behavioural testing will give insight into your candidate’s temperament and work style preferences. This testing gives a more comprehensive understanding of an applicant, further to what you are able to get with a face to face interview alone.

Reference and background checks will be conducted on your preferred candidate as required, prior to making a formal offer, giving you valuable information on their working style and how they like to be managed.

Our background checks cover a range of areas, depending on what will be most suitable for your role type, such as criminal history background checks, education verification checks and financial credit history checks.

All your candidates will receive a high level of candidate care throughout the process, with regular updates as to the status of their application. All unsuccessful candidates will be notified if they are not being progressed with, ensuring a good experience for all applicants throughout the recruitment process, and reflecting well on your employer brand.

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