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Why :Recruit?

talent acquisition specialists

Don't compromise on recruitment functionality

Significantly improve your applicant tracking and candidate management process better than other software options with :Recruit - an award-winning, best-of-breed ATS and CRM software module.

Build a tailored talent acquisition process

:Recruit integrates with a range of partners, meaning you can build an end-to-end solution of best-of-breed modules tailored to your organization's needs.

What will :Recruit achieve?

Easily post jobs

  • Integrates with your website and top-tier job boards
  • Easily create, edit, and post job ads to multiple job boards simultaneously
  • Attract top candidates with branded talent landing pages

Create a seamless candidate experience

  • Guide candidates to a branded talent landing page (with your logo, colours, and imagery!)
  • Cleanly showcase the opportunity and organisation
  • Build your employer brand

Communicate with the click of a button

  • Strengthen your employer brand through branded email templates
  • Run bulk actions for multiple candidates at once
  • Use event scheduling to book and manage interviews digitally

Build your workflow, your way

  • Assign candidates with statuses and tags (e.g; ‘contacted’ or ‘interview booked’)
  • Allow your hiring managers to get notified
  • View great candidates within minutes of their application
  • Set and report on individual and team KPIs

Screen applications

  • Screen candidates faster using simple automations
  • Set up tailored screening questions that ask candidates for specific information. Screening questions help you to quickly rate applications and find top candidates

Connect with more candidates

  • Create an ongoing expression of interest form
  • Build a talent pipeline of great candidates for future roles
  • Report on which advertising channels perform best

New Features

scout talent app

Scout Talent App

With the Scout Talent App, you can take your talent acquisition on the go – view new applications, screen candidates and collaborate with your internal recruitment team no matter where you are. 

talent acquisition software

Job Statuses feature

Help your team visualize the status of all your current vacancies and track your progress through the recruitment process with the new job statuses feature. 

Recruitment software to attract and secure top talent

:Recruit is backed by Specialist support

Talent acquisition specialist support when you need it

Supplement :Recruit with talent acquisition services for an end-to-end solution. Our in-house recruitment specialists support you with:

  • Advertising
  • Reviewing applications
  • Checks and tests

Local 24/7 technical support on hand

Our helpful, knowledgeable and local Australian-based team means you’re never alone if you run into technical challenges with :Recruit.

Access to a library of training resources

You’ll gain access to our on-demand training library with useful information to help you get the most of :Recruit.

How does :Recruit work?

:Recruit talent acquisition software

Create advertisements

Through :Recruit, you can easily create job advertisements. You’ll be able to post your job advertisements to your website and job boards, as well as view and screen all applicants.

Manage campaigns

If you have any current talent acquisition campaigns being managed by Scout Talent, you’ll be able to view them within :Recruit. You will also be able to create and edit additional campaigns.

recruitment software
ats recruitment software

Setup automations

:Recruit allows you to view each application and interact with it at every stage of the talent acquisition process. Save time with automations that streamline the shortlisting process, and communicate with applicants via branded emails.

Track your applications

You can also use :Recruit to manually rate applications, make notes, and review responses to determine your top candidates. Every action is tracked, so you can set tasks for your team members and you’ll be able to view the progress of each candidate at every stage of your talent acquisition process.

recruitment crm software
talent acquisition specialists

Email notifications

Through :Recruit, you can get email notifications every time an application comes through for a job. This is highly beneficial for jobs where there aren’t going to be a high volume of applicants – so you don’t have to keep logging in. 

How can :Recruit help you?

Do more

A lack of time, money or staff can have you cutting corners. With :Recruit, you maximise your recruitment capabilities and streamline the process.

Do it better

If your current talent acquisition strategy isn’t reaching enough candidates, let alone the right fit, :Recruit is the perfect solution to expand your audience and build your talent pool.

Do it for less

Unlike hiring through traditional recruiters, :Recruit empowers your team to make multiple hires efficiently and affordably.

Case study: Taymor Industries

Since the company started in 1948, Taymor has built a reputation for its superior quality products. As the organization grew, manual recruitment process hindered their ability to attract and recruit at a pace that matched their growth.

Taymor signed on as Scout Talent software users in 2021, and have become regular users of Scout Talent’s recruitment services too. Watch now to discover what changed at Taymor when they started leaning on Scout Talent.

Not sure if :Recruit is right for your organization?

Client Feedback


It is straightforward to set up and use. The support team is quick to respond to any inquiries and offers help through multiple people/functions. Compared to other ATS I’ve used, it is the easiest system to use, and all the hiring managers have said so.

Shannon S
HR Manager


I have been using :Recruit for many years and find it very efficient and easy to use. The customer service and support team are very responsive and helpful if there are any issues and it is great to have everything in one place.

User in Staffing and Recruiting


The layout and the dashboard are straightforward to use. The way you can monitor the progression of the recruitment and the process.

User in Facilities Services

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Ready to grow?
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