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Helping you to discover and amplify your unique employer brand!

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Why is my Employer Brand important?

Your Employer Brand influences the way your candidate market views you as a potential employer. It allows you to articulate to your talent what differentiates you from other organizations, why you are an employer of choice and why they should choose to work for you rather than someone else.

Our Employer Branding Specialists partner with you to help identify and discover your authentic Employer Brand. We will design a branding strategy for your organization, to help you both attract and retain your top talent.

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The Employer Branding process

Our Employer Branding product is made up of two key elements.

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Discovery phase

The first of these is the discovery phase in which we will identify and understand your Employer brand and Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Our team will workshop, and collaborate with you to articulate your brand message and how best to communicate it to the candidate market and wider community.

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Amplifying phase

The second phase involves our specialists working with your team to create strategies that will help you to increase and improve your brand message to your candidate market.

We are trained in interviewing, copywriting and videography that focuses on bringing your messaging to life through storytelling.

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Why choose us?

Having a strong employer brand is essential if you want to attract and retain the best of the best. It will make the difference when it comes to having an edge over your competitors, and working with people that share your organization’s values.

Partnering with the Employer Branding team at Scout Talent will allow you to benefit from the skills and knowledge of our recruitment experts, who are abreast of current industry trends, and skilled in crafting messaging that will speak to your ideal candidate market.

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