Keeping Track of Your Recruitment Campaigns Is Now Easier Than Ever With :Recruit’s New Feature

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Job statuses feature article image

Introducing :Recruit’s New Feature: Job Status Users of Scout Talent’s :Recruit recruitment software system, will be familiar with how to set candidate statuses. For non-users, the candidate status feature gives you insight into a particular candidate’s progress through the recruitment campaign process in terms of a specific vacancy. The candidate status feature enables you to set the status of your … Read More

New Scout Talent App helps you hire faster from your phone

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scout talent app

We’re launching a new feature for all :Recruit users to take their talent acquisition process on the go and get great hiring results wherever they are. Rolling out in April 2022, the new Scout Talent App makes your recruitment process more accessible and reduces the time to hire, helping you drive growth for your organization no matter your location. You … Read More

How a best-of-breed platform can support high-volume retail recruitment

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Managing recruitment in the retail industry is an ongoing challenge. HR teams in retail organizations are tasked with hiring a constant, high-volume flow of new retail workers while managing a turnover rate and seasonality that is simply not present in any other industry. In Canada, the retail industry has one of the youngest workforces, with more workers under 24 years … Read More

October 2022 Release Notes

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Whilst most of our work in October focused on progressing the new :Recruit software updates, namely to the Jobs workflow, we continued to release quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes that will help you drive growth for your organization quicker and easier. If you want to find out more about the new :Recruit software updates that are coming soon, you can … Read More

First rollout of :Recruit software updates will improve Jobs workflow

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You may have heard about the exciting software updates coming to :Recruit. Starting this year, our recruitment CRM will be updated to a new, streamlined look and feel. These :Recruit software updates will be released in stages to allow you time to get comfortable with the improved appearance and functionality. The first set of pages that will be overhauled is … Read More

Register for the webinar

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Top 5 strategies for TA teams to hire at scale What does it take to attract top talent in this tight and competitive labour market?  On Wednesday 2 November, hear firsthand from the experts about how your organization can achieve your talent acquisition goals. In this 30-minute webinar, two of our top Recruitment Marketing and Talent Engagement specialists, Madeline Ryan (TE Team Leader) and Anna Kunzel (RM Team … Read More

Simplified decision-making with :Recruit’s new LinkedIn look-up feature. 

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LinkedIn Lookup Feature

LinkedIn is one of the most popular and powerful tools when screening applicants for your job. An applicant’s LinkedIn profile can help you gain more insight into their experience, special skills and interests and determine whether they are the right fit for your role and team.  How the LinkedIn Lookup Feature Works The new feature allows you to add a … Read More

Could hiring for potential help overcome the talent shortage?

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overcome the talent shortage

We are experiencing a tight labor market. Very few people are unemployed, and businesses throughout the world are trying to find any talent they can from the increasingly limited number of job seekers currently available. In order to fill their existing roles,  many organizations are being forced to look outside the box – to rethink how they find talent in … Read More

Easy-to-action insights to help you hire top tech talent.

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hire top tech talent

In the technology industry it is notoriously difficult to find and retain talent. Unfortunately, it’s only getting more difficult. In the US, the number of tech jobs advertised jumped by 81% between 2019 and 2021. Despite rising vacancies, the average number of applications per role fell by 19% in the same time period. Whether you’re in the tech industry, or … Read More

11 secrets for a successful onboarding process

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onboarding process

In the current talent climate, the key to sustainable success is to look beyond candidate attraction and consider how your organization will retain its talent. One proven way to do this is by prioritizing your onboarding process. The numbers tell the story – 20 per cent of turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment. This figure is significant … Read More