Navigating HR Tech: ATS vs. HRIS – Finding the Right Fit for Your SMB

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Navigating HR Tech: ATS vs. HRIS - Finding the Right Fit for Your SMB

In the fast-paced world of small and medium businesses, technology plays a significant role in streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and driving strategic decision-making. Recent statistics show that an optimized recruitment process can shorten the hiring cycle by 60%, yet only 20% of SMBs currently utilize an ATS.  For SMBs looking to enhance their HR capabilities, two software solutions typically come … Read More

Winning Over Stakeholders: 5 Key Objections to Overcome for Successful ATS Adoption

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Winning Over Stakeholders: 5 Key Objections to Overcome for Successful ATS Adoption

The quest for talent has become increasingly competitive, and as organizations strive to attract and retain top talent, they are presented with many challenges. Two of the most common are the many risks and inefficiencies of manual processes consuming excessive time and resources, and the substantial cost associated with relying on recruitment agencies to fill vacancies. As a result, the … Read More

AI in Hiring: Is there a Positive ROI?

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AI in Hiring: Is there a Positive ROI?

Today’s recruitment landscape is marked by high-speed technology advancements and an ever-growing set of candidate expectations. As such, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) emerges as a beacon of innovation to drive efficiency and to give companies a strategic advantage. We all know that Artificial Intelligence is driving greater efficiency and productivity improvements in white-collar … Read More

Keeping Track of Your Recruitment Campaigns Is Now Easier Than Ever With :Recruit’s New Feature

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Introducing :Recruit’s New Feature: Job Status Users of Scout Talent’s :Recruit recruitment software system, will be familiar with how to set candidate statuses. For non-users, the candidate status feature gives you insight into a particular candidate’s progress through the recruitment campaign process in terms of a specific vacancy. The candidate status feature enables you to set the status of your … Read More

New Scout Talent App helps you hire faster from your phone

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We’re launching a new feature for all :Recruit users to take their talent acquisition process on the go and get great hiring results wherever they are. Rolling out in April 2022, the new Scout Talent App makes your recruitment process more accessible and reduces the time to hire, helping you drive growth for your organization no matter your location. You … Read More

How a best-of-breed platform can support high-volume retail recruitment

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Managing recruitment in the retail industry is an ongoing challenge. HR teams in retail organizations are tasked with hiring a constant, high-volume flow of new retail workers while managing a turnover rate and seasonality that is simply not present in any other industry. In Canada, the retail industry has one of the youngest workforces, with more workers under 24 years … Read More

How :Recruit adds value to your HRIS

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In today’s increasingly competitive job market, talent acquisition requires making smarter decisions with your recruitment processes. Many organizations have started to realize that the way they hired in the past can’t compete with the way that the business world recruits now, so they turn to recruitment software solutions to help them enhance their talent acquisition process. Many organizations use an … Read More

Building a positive candidate experience into your recruitment process

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Have you ever spent hours on a job application only to never get a response from that company? Perhaps you prepared extensively for an interview only to be met by a disinterested hiring manager who can barely remember your name. All of these small moments add up to become the candidate experience when candidates are engaging with your recruitment process. … Read More