The Secret to Identifying the Best Talent in Your Pool

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Over the past year, the candidate market has slowly been opening up, with steady increases in applications per job ad month on month throughout all of 2022. As one challenge starts to subside, another arises for hiring managers everywhere: how to identify and hire the most skilled candidates in a growing talent pool.  Fast, informed hiring decisions are still the … Read More

Simplified decision-making with :Recruit’s new LinkedIn look-up feature. 

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LinkedIn Lookup Feature

LinkedIn is one of the most popular and powerful tools when screening applicants for your job. An applicant’s LinkedIn profile can help you gain more insight into their experience, special skills and interests and determine whether they are the right fit for your role and team.  How the LinkedIn Lookup Feature Works The new feature allows you to add a … Read More

Could hiring for potential help overcome the talent shortage?

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overcome the talent shortage

We are experiencing a tight labor market. Very few people are unemployed, and businesses throughout the world are trying to find any talent they can from the increasingly limited number of job seekers currently available. In order to fill their existing roles,  many organizations are being forced to look outside the box – to rethink how they find talent in … Read More