Experts Share 6 Key Talent Acquisition Trends for 2021 And Beyond.

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It goes without saying that 2020 was a year like no other, and 2021 continued to bring even more unprecedented challenges, innovations and creative solutions. With the future of work well and truly here, HR professionals are being forced to look beyond the horizon and decipher key talent acquisition trends to survive and thrive. Once, people teams had the luxury … Read More

Digital Recruitment Strategies For A Competitive Candidate Market

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digital recruitment

After record-high unemployment rates due to Covid-19, the Canadian job market is experiencing a surge in vacancies. The increased competition between employers means that enticing candidates to work with your organization is harder now than ever. Because a large percentage of eligible candidates are already employed and not actively seeking work, it’s important to adjust your digital recruitment strategies to … Read More

How to recruit and hire interns in a remote-working world

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Do you recruit and hire interns in your organization? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the sudden changes that have come about due to the Covid-19 pandemic, don’t worry. These tips will give you the knowledge you need to recruit and hire interns in a remote-working world.  Since the pandemic, the internship recruiting and hiring process has completely changed. … Read More