4 Onboarding Mistakes to Avoid for a Seamless New Hire Experience

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4 onboarding mistakes to avoid

It’s no secret that successfully onboarding new hires is crucial for their long-term engagement and productivity. A study shows that 70% of employees who reported having a good onboarding experience also described their job as “the best possible job”. Still, only 12% of organizations feel their company onboard well. Even though hiring managers and HR professionals are aware of the … Read More

11 secrets for a successful onboarding process

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onboarding process

In the current talent climate, the key to sustainable success is to look beyond candidate attraction and consider how your organization will retain its talent. A proven strategy to do this is by prioritizing your onboarding process. The statistics speak for themselves – an effective onboarding process can increase retention of new hires by an impressive 82%. An effective onboarding … Read More

How a best-of-breed platform can support high-volume retail recruitment

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Managing recruitment in the retail industry is an ongoing challenge. HR teams in retail organizations are tasked with hiring a constant, high-volume flow of new retail workers while managing a turnover rate and seasonality that is simply not present in any other industry. In Canada, the retail industry has one of the youngest workforces, with more workers under 24 years … Read More