Discover the Latest Updates to Your Calendar & Events Features in :Recruit

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Get ready to boost your recruitment efficiency with the latest updates to the Calendar & Events scheduling functions in :Recruit. These enhancements are tailored to help you save time, stay organized, and optimize your workflow for greater recruitment success. With these updates, you’ll benefit from the following improvements: A Fresh Layout & Enhanced User Experience    Expect a more user-friendly interface … Read More

First rollout of :Recruit software updates will improve Jobs workflow

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You may have heard about the exciting software updates coming to :Recruit. Starting this year, our recruitment CRM will be updated to a new, streamlined look and feel. These :Recruit software updates will be released in stages to allow you time to get comfortable with the improved appearance and functionality. The first set of pages that will be overhauled is … Read More

Simplified decision-making with :Recruit’s new LinkedIn look-up feature. 

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LinkedIn Lookup Feature

LinkedIn is one of the most popular and powerful tools when screening applicants for your job. An applicant’s LinkedIn profile can help you gain more insight into their experience, special skills and interests and determine whether they are the right fit for your role and team.  How the LinkedIn Lookup Feature Works The new feature allows you to add a … Read More