3 Burning Questions Keeping HR Professionals And Hiring Managers Awake In 2023

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How to overcome today's HR challenges

This article originally appeared in Forbes Human Resource Council and can be accessed here. Andrea Davey, CEO of Scout Talent, is a proud Forbes Council member and aims to support the Human Resource Council and its members to harness the potential of technology and the passion of people to grow companies, careers, and communities.  3 Burning Questions Keeping HR Professionals … Read More

The Secret to Identifying the Best Talent in Your Pool

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Over the past year, the candidate market has slowly been opening up, with steady increases in applications per job ad month on month throughout all of 2022. As one challenge starts to subside, another arises for hiring managers everywhere: how to identify and hire the most skilled candidates in a growing talent pool.  Fast, informed hiring decisions are still the … Read More

Generate more applications with Skills-Based Recruitment

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skills-based recruitment

The labor market is tight, and there are more jobs available than good candidates. Can your organization afford to try the same recruitment tactics again and again, hoping for a different result? You must think outside the box and try new, proactive hiring tactics if you hope to entice great talent to your teams. One way you can do this … Read More

How a best-of-breed platform can support high-volume retail recruitment

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Managing recruitment in the retail industry is an ongoing challenge. HR teams in retail organizations are tasked with hiring a constant, high-volume flow of new retail workers while managing a turnover rate and seasonality that is simply not present in any other industry. In Canada, the retail industry has one of the youngest workforces, with more workers under 24 years … Read More