7 Talent Engagement Tactics to Win Top Talent

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Did you know? Employee turnover can cost companies 6 to 9 months of an employee’s salary to find and train their replacement. According to a report by SHRM, the costs for highly trained positions can be even higher, up to 213% of the annual salary. Efficient hiring not only saves significant costs but also prevents the loss of productivity and … Read More

The Secret to Identifying the Best Talent in Your Pool

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Over the past year, the candidate market has slowly been opening up, with steady increases in applications per job ad month on month throughout all of 2022. As one challenge starts to subside, another arises for hiring managers everywhere: how to identify and hire the most skilled candidates in a growing talent pool.  Fast, informed hiring decisions are still the … Read More

9 interview questions to recruit high-performers

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9 interview questions to recruit high-performers

Kirk Peterson, Managing Director for Performance Shift, a corporate training and consulting business focused on helping leaders and teams reach their full potential,  shares the best interview questions to recruit high-performers.  Many of us want to recruit the best possible candidates – the High Performers. As Steve Jobs said, “go after the cream of the cream. A small team of … Read More

Eliminate the guesswork when hiring using pre-employment testing

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pre employment testing

In a market where being indecisive costs you candidates, it is hard to find the right balance between doing your due diligence and acting fast to secure great talent. Considering that it costs on average six to nine months of an employee’s annual salary to replace them, making a bad hire is a scary thought for modern recruiters. Pre-employment testing … Read More