How to recruit and hire interns in a remote-working world

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Do you recruit and hire interns in your organization? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the sudden changes that have come about due to the Covid-19 pandemic, don’t worry. These tips will give you the knowledge you need to recruit and hire interns in a remote-working world. 

Since the pandemic, the internship recruiting and hiring process has completely changed. Given the shift to remote work, hiring teams must find and evaluate potential hires without in-person networking events and face-to-face interviews.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the sudden changes, don’t worry. Here are a few ways you can effectively recruit and hire interns in a remote working world.

Tools and tactics to improve your intern search process

1. Build a strong brand online so interns come to you 

If you’re hiring remotely, your online presence may be the most prominent way for internship candidates to learn about and form an impression of your company. If you want to attract talented
interns, you’ll want them to be excited about applying for the position after viewing your website, social media, and other online resources.

After some quick searching, job seekers should be able to have a clear understanding of your company’s mission and values, work culture, and internship expectations and responsibilities. The more
information available to potential hires, the more they’ll be able to assess how much their passions and strengths align with your needs. Ultimately, this saves you time by maximizing the chance
that people who apply for your internship are a good fit and genuinely want the position.

2. Use online resources like job boards and social media 

Recruit and hire interns using online channels. While it’s difficult to engage in in-person recruiting and networking for internships at this time, you still have many online resources to
support your recruitment efforts.

One 2019 survey found that 41% of recent hires found their current position through an online job board. Another 14% discovered their job through social media, and an additional 5% through email newsletters. That means that 60% of recent hires connected with their current employers online. It’s definitely possible for you to recruit valuable interns remotely.

Tools and tactics to vet interns and seal the deal

1. Implement low-effort screening

Making your job posting unique will help it stand out from the slew of postings that job seekers search through. One specific way to make your job posting more unique and effective is to include a
low effort requirement such as including a fun word in your application subject line.

For example, something as simple as asking potential interns to include “penguin” in their subject line can help you easily weed out applicants who won’t even take the time to completely read
through your job posting, or at the very least don’t pay much attention to details.

2. Conduct virtual interviews

Virtual interviews are a great alternative to in-person interviews to recruit and hire interns. They give you the opportunity to chat with potential hires while adhering to social distancing
guidelines. Virtual interviews are also convenient for interviewing interns who may be in a different time zone or a completely different country — just remember to specify the time zone when
scheduling interviews.

When conducting your virtual interviews, make sure to evaluate applicants on their remote work skills. It’s hard to say how long remote work will be the norm, so it’s important to hire employees who can thrive in a remote working environment.

Tips to ensure your intern has the best possible experience 

1. Continue building community

It can be difficult to build community while everyone’s stuck at home, but it’s important to continue making efforts to do so. Virtual coffee breaks or lunches give employees a chance to chat with
their coworkers and let your new intern get to know people. Team hangouts that include interactive activities like games can also be a fun way to build community.

2. Encourage feedback and communication

If you want to know how to deliver the best possible internship experience, consider asking your intern for feedback. Feedback is valuable for determining what they like about the internship and what you can do better to support them. Promoting open communication is great for building trust as well as making your intern feel like a valued member of your team.

While COVID-19 has made it more difficult to recruit and hire interns, there are many online resources you can leverage to search effectively for new interns, make good hiring decisions, and provide
an enjoyable internship experience. Work on attracting and retaining capable, enthusiastic interns who will fit perfectly into your company’s culture so that you can continue to run a successful
business — even during a global pandemic.

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