Talent Engagement Tactics to Win Top Talent

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Save time hiring with talent engagement support

Did you know that the current average annual turnover rate in 2023 stands at a staggering 57%? In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent can make all the difference in a company’s success. However, many businesses struggle to attract, secure and retain the best employees, leading to lost opportunities and decreased productivity. Your recruitment process could be … Read More

The Secret to Identifying the Best Talent in Your Pool

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Over the past year, the candidate market has slowly been opening up, with steady increases in applications per job ad month on month throughout all of 2022. As one challenge starts to subside, another arises for hiring managers everywhere: how to identify and hire the most skilled candidates in a growing talent pool.  Fast, informed hiring decisions are still the … Read More

Meet your dream team of talent acquisition experts

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Talent Acquisition Experts

What if you could revolutionize your recruitment process without breaking the bank? What if you could have a dedicated team of talent acquisition experts working on your recruitment campaign, access to a pool of qualified candidates, and best-of-breed talent acquisition technology? And what if all of this costs less than what you’re probably paying right now? Welcome to Scout Talent … Read More

Generate more applications with Skills-Based Recruitment

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skills-based recruitment

The labor market is tight, and there are more jobs available than good candidates. Can your organization afford to try the same recruitment tactics again and again, hoping for a different result? You must think outside the box and try new, proactive hiring tactics if you hope to entice great talent to your teams. One way you can do this … Read More

Solve the top three talent acquisition challenges with employer branding

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A report from KPMG has found that 77 per cent of business leaders have cited talent as their biggest challenge in 2023. The specific talent challenges being faced will range from attracting the right candidates, candidate drop off, and quick quitting.  Creating a strategy to address these challenges is key to retaining your people, and growing your business. One facet … Read More

5 ways proactive talent acquisition empowers strategic workforce planning

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There is a lot of talk about what constitutes a “future-ready” organization, and what that looks like for small to medium-sized establishments. A major theme in recent years is adaptability. The last eighteen months, in particular, enshrined the old adage that change is the only constant. And to be adaptable to change, organizations must be creative, antifragile, and collaborative. They … Read More

Smarter Employer Branding: Your guide to becoming an employer of choice

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Amidst tough competition for talent, are your talent attraction and retention strategies attracting the right people? An important and often overlooked part of the talent acquisition process is the Employer Brand. That is, the reputation your organization has as an employer, and the work it does to retain your current team and attract new talent. In 3-part fortnightly webinar series, … Read More

A letter from the CEO

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As we start to wrap up 2022, I’m taking some time to pause and reflect. I’ve been considering how we, the team at Scout Talent, have lived our purpose over the last twelve months: to Connect People to Grow Companies, Careers and Communities. I’m proud to share that in 2022 over 1,503,882 candidates applied for jobs using our talent acquisition technology … Read More

Keeping Track of Your Recruitment Campaigns Is Now Easier Than Ever With :Recruit’s New Feature

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Job statuses feature article image

Introducing :Recruit’s New Feature: Job Status Users of Scout Talent’s :Recruit recruitment software system, will be familiar with how to set candidate statuses. For non-users, the candidate status feature gives you insight into a particular candidate’s progress through the recruitment campaign process in terms of a specific vacancy. The candidate status feature enables you to set the status of your … Read More

New Scout Talent App helps you hire faster from your phone

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scout talent app

We’re launching a new feature for all :Recruit users to take their talent acquisition process on the go and get great hiring results wherever they are. Rolling out in April 2022, the new Scout Talent App makes your recruitment process more accessible and reduces the time to hire, helping you drive growth for your organization no matter your location. You … Read More