Unlock the ultimate recruitment time-saver with AI Studio

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Are you tired of spending countless hours crafting recruitment collateral to get your vacancies to market? Do you wish you had more time to engage with high-quality candidates or focus on other crucial tasks? If so, AI Studio is the game-changing tool that will save you hours of valuable time and effort. Read on to learn more about this solution … Read More

May 2023 Release Notes

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Welcome to the latest edition of our product release notes. We’ve listened to your feedback and have supercharged your experience with a range of enhancements and fixes, making it easier than ever to streamline your workflow. Get ready for an upgraded user interface, smoother navigation, and a host of quality-of-life improvements. Say goodbye to bugs and hello to a lightning-fast, … Read More

Shortlisting applications in :Recruit Essentials

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How to Shortlist Applications in :Recruit Essentials Welcome back to your :Recruit Essentials guides. Previously, we introduced you to :Recruit Essentials, the lite version of our premier :Recruit module of talent acquisition software. This comprehensive guide showed you how to effortlessly access the platform, navigate the dynamic dashboard, and seamlessly handle applications and tasks while also introducing key features. If … Read More

Create a Job Advertisement in :Recruit Essentials

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How to Create a Job Advertisement in :Recruit Essentials Welcome back to your :Recruit Essentials guides. Previously, we spoke about your :Recruit Essentials dashboard and how easy it is to navigate within it. We also covered creating new job applications, reviewing tasks and how to navigate the system. By now, you should be able to create and view your vacancies … Read More

Multiposter Feature in :Recruit Essentials

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How to use the Multiposter feature to increase job ad visibility Welcome back to your :Recruit Essentials guides! In the last guide, we learned about the many features available in shortlisting. Shortlisting not only gives you valuable insights into the talent pool, but also allows you to fine-tune your recruitment strategies for better outcomes. By now, you should have a … Read More

Use the Bulk External Email function

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How to share application data with the bulk external email function In the previous article, ‘Bulk candidate communications’, we discussed the significance of effectively communicating with multiple candidates simultaneously within your talent pool.  We also emphasized the importance of clear communication for both the hiring manager and the candidates involved. Showing transparency to a potential hire will put you in … Read More

Quick and easy bulk candidate communications

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How to Communicate With Candidates in Bulk Within :Recruit Essentials Clear and transparent communication is essential for fostering a positive relationship with potential hires. If your job ad includes the statement “only shortlisted applicants will be contacted,” it can create a negative impression right from the start. Candidates value clear and consistent communication to make informed decisions. It’s not solely … Read More

Email Notifications on :Recruit Essentials

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In a highly competitive job market, it’s crucial to communicate with applicants promptly and professionally. If you don’t respond promptly to talented candidates, your competitors will.Minimize the risk of losing out on excellent candidates by receiving timely email notifications for new applications. This way, you’ll be ready to reach out and expedite your recruitment processes. Never miss another application :Recruit … Read More

Welcome to :Recruit Essentials

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Understanding the dashboard and other basic navigation Welcome to :Recruit Essentials! This guide is designed to help you become familiar with your new talent acquisition platform! With :Recruit Essentials, you’ll have a more streamlined recruitment process with all your talent information stored in one place, and multiple time-saving features at your fingerprints. Getting to know your way around this powerful … Read More

3 Burning Questions Keeping HR Professionals And Hiring Managers Awake In 2023

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How to overcome today's HR challenges

This article originally appeared in Forbes Human Resource Council and can be accessed here. Andrea Davey, CEO of Scout Talent, is a proud Forbes Council member and aims to support the Human Resource Council and its members to harness the potential of technology and the passion of people to grow companies, careers, and communities.  3 Burning Questions Keeping HR Professionals … Read More