July/August 2022 Release Notes

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release notes

Throughout July, we released a range of new features, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes to help our users continue to get the most out of :Recruit, and other Scout Talent software modules. Take a look at some of the updates we released over the past month:

New Features

Ongoing enhancement of our platform’s functionality and capabilities.

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  • We’ve released the Scout Talent App to our Canadian users, allowing them to take recruitment on the go and save time hiring from their mobile phones.
  • We know that your HR team likely uses other software. As such, :Recruit integrates with several HRIS options to help you manage your talent acquisition and human resources processes with ease. Our latest integration is with BambooHR, a popular HRIS used by many of our clients.

Quality of Life Improvements

Improving our platform’s usability and making it even easier to use.

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  • Make your vacancies more appealing to candidates by customizing how your job ads appear on social media! You can now customize the title, blurb, and image that display when your talent landing page is shared on social media. Get in touch with Scout Talent Support via support@scouttalent.io to customize your job links. 
  • We recently added the ability for candidates to save their applications mid-completion prior to submission. This feature is designed to increase the number of applications you receive per vacancy by allowing candidates to finish their applications at a time that suits them. If candidates don’t have the relevant information at hand, they can come back to their application later rather than abandoning completely.
  • We’ve added the ability to search for job tags in a quick search, making it easier to find the vacancies you’re managing.
  • We’ve updated the Notes function in :Recruit so that notes left in the candidate card are now visible to other users.
  • The Bulk PDF function now shows the answers to screening questions for applications that have been moved.
  • We’ve updated the Answers report so that answers for moved applications will appear in the CSV export.
  • You can now select brands in alphabetical order, making it easier to manage how your vacancies appear on your talent landing page.
  • We’ve made an update to help you avoid accidentally moving published jobs out of sight. Published job cards can no longer be archived – you will need to change the state to unpublished first before archiving.

Bug Fixes

Continuous improvement of the platform’s performance and reliability.

release notes july and august scout talent


  • We fixed an issue where, when masquerading as another user, :Recruit would log you out entirely.
  • We fixed an issue that stopped a draft approval submission from triggering the approval manager workflow. Now, your approval submissions will work as expected, and you’ll get your feedback as required.
  • We’ve added a validation to advise users that emojis are not supported, which allows email templates to be saved and sent as needed.
  • We’ve added the ability to change default approvers on a sub-entity level.
  • We’ve enabled users to move applications, and :Recruit will display a meaningful error message if unable to move the applications.


  • A signature is no longer required to reject an offer.