Save time when creating, issuing, and accepting contracts and letters of offer with :Onboard

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Reduce your time spent on administrative tasks and keep all of your contracts secure and in one place with :Onboard

Onboard is our digital contract creation, approval and acceptance tool; easing the administration pressures of your internal recruitment team and efficiently introducing your new team member into your organization.

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Reduce your environmental footprint and keep data secure

Create and issue letters of offer and contracts within your ATS with a click of a button, allowing you to eliminate your paper trail, keep your data secure on our Canadian servers and your organization green.

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Tailored solutions for your business persona

Scout Talent :Onboard can be tailored to your organization’s brand- making it suitable for any and all organizations.

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Designed by recruiters, for recruiters

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Reduce your time to hire

Save your valuable time by using :Onboard to reduce your time to hire by allowing you to create, send and verify letters of offer and contracts all within your current ATS.

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Strengthen your data security

All of our candidate data is stored on Canadian servers with Amazon Web Services and our Amazon certified Engineers carry out regular testing to ensure your data is kept safe and secure.

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Digital contracts

Create all of the contracts you need with a click of a button.

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Make it work for you and your team

Scout Talent :Onboard can be completely customized to fit your organizations employer brand.

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