Ensure you always have a strong talent pipeline to choose from with :Engage.

A proactive recruitment solution to build and nurture talent pools.

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Engage and hire your best candidates with :Engage

What do you do with all of those candidates that you don’t hire? :Engage can help you to keep in contact with and to keep your candidate pool interested in your brand, or notify them of future vacancies.

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Maximize your recruitment ROI

You did all that work to build an amazing talent pool, now nurture your database of top talent by educating them about your vacancies, organization and employer brand to help fill immediate and future vacancies with ease and efficiency. A strong talent pipeline reduces your time to hire and advertising spend!

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Find and contact your best candidates

You have a great pool of interested candidates but how do you remember which ones are right for your upcoming role? Use :Engage’s tagging, search and comment features to ensure that your hiring managers are always able to find the skills and experience that they are looking for in their next hire.

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Designed by recruiters, for recruiters

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Reduce your time to hire

Save your valuable time by using :Engage to reduce your time to hire by allowing you to connect with applicants who have previously expressed interest in working with your organization.

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Strengthen your employer brand

Communicate with your entire candidate pool, from one single location, to ensure maximum visibility for any of your recruitment marketing efforts.

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Build rapport

Maintain a relationship with applicants who already know, like and trust your organization.

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Search and segment

Use :Engage’s intuitive search function to search for and segment your talent pool, based on their previous application and resume, to address immediate hiring needs.

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Reduce your advertising spend

Ensure that you only spend money on advertising when it is completely necessary by using :Engage to connect with applicants in your talent pool ho have the right qualifications for your open role.

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Strengthen your data security

All of our candidate data is stored on Canadian servers with Amazon Web Services and our Amazon certified Engineers carry out regular testing to ensure your data is kept safe and secure.

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