9 interview questions to recruit high-performers

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9 interview questions to recruit high-performers

Kirk Peterson, Managing Director for Performance Shift, a corporate training and consulting business focused on helping leaders and teams reach their full potential,  shares the best interview questions to recruit high-performers.  Many of us want to recruit the best possible candidates – the High Performers. As Steve Jobs said, “go after the cream of the cream. A small team of … Read More

How to use employer branding and L&D to win the salary wars


The war for talent has been influenced by candidates more than ever before, meaning employers are under more pressure to stay on the pulse with what candidates are looking for in this economic and social climate. While most would believe the main attracting factor is an above-market salary, offering this is not always achievable, nor is it what many candidates … Read More

Eliminate the guesswork when hiring using pre-employment testing

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pre employment testing

In a market where being indecisive costs you candidates, it is hard to find the right balance between doing your due diligence and acting fast to secure great talent. Considering that it costs on average six to nine months of an employee’s annual salary to replace them, making a bad hire is a scary thought for modern recruiters. Pre-employment testing … Read More

Experts Share 6 Key Talent Acquisition Trends for 2021 And Beyond.

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pre-employment testing

It goes without saying that 2020 was a year like no other, and 2021 continued to bring even more unprecedented challenges, innovations and creative solutions. With the future of work well and truly here, HR professionals are being forced to look beyond the horizon and decipher key talent acquisition trends to survive and thrive. Once, people teams had the luxury … Read More

How To Expand Your Shortlisting Process For Amazing Results: On-Demand Webinar


Attracting applicants to your role is an important part of any talent acquisition process, but it’s only half of the journey. With candidates in the driver’s seat, the finer details of your shortlisting process make the difference between hiring the best talent or losing them to another organization. Many talent acquisition and recruitment professionals are curious about which parts of their shortlisting … Read More

Digital Recruitment Strategies For A Competitive Candidate Market

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digital recruitment

After record-high unemployment rates due to Covid-19, the Canadian job market is experiencing a surge in vacancies. The increased competition between employers means that enticing candidates to work with your organization is harder now than ever. Because a large percentage of eligible candidates are already employed and not actively seeking work, it’s important to adjust your digital recruitment strategies to … Read More

4 Things To Address For An Amazing Employer Brand

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amazing employer brand

Do you know what candidates are looking for in your Employer Brand? By understanding what candidates are looking for, you can identify how to tailor your messaging and content strategy, and the best areas to focus your efforts and attention. Whether or not your organization has done anything to actively manage your Employer Brand, you already have one! And potential … Read More

Building a positive candidate experience into your recruitment process

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positive candidate experience

Have you ever spent hours on a job application only to never get a response from that company? Perhaps you prepared extensively for an interview only to be met by a disinterested hiring manager who can barely remember your name. All of these small moments add up to become the candidate experience when candidates are engaging with your recruitment process. … Read More

Are you ready for ‘The Great Resignation’?

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great resignation

A resignation boom may be on the horizon. Here’s what employers can do to prepare, and how to bounce back if you’ve already been affected. If you’re on LinkedIn, chances are you’ve heard of the term ‘The Great Resignation’. This term refers to the increase in resignations that employers are expecting as the Covid-19 pandemic slows down.  According to Anthony … Read More